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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

We are in the most favorable position to offer our services as a teachers’ training school.

E.C.E. offers the experience of its vast track record teaching in companies, to professionals, teachers, instructors or English speaking foreigners, who are interested in TEFL.

Courses and seminars are given to reduced groups.

Contents of the TEFL course:

  1. Managerial Styles. How to indentify them. How to enhance communication. Rapport. Communication skills.
  2. How to organize a class.
  3. Teaching vocabulary. Techniques.
  4. Teaching grammar.
  5. Selecting material. Different drills.
  6. Correcting students.
  7. Working on the different skills.
  8. Upgrading listening comprehension skills. Materials.
  9. The use of music in the classroom.
  10. The use of movies. Techniques.
  11. Integration.
  12. Feedback.
  13. Mock lessons.
  14. Practice in companies.
  15. Possible Temporary Placements.
  16. ... and more ...


individuales o grupales de Inglés y Español por VIDEO CONFERENCIA con material 100 % digital.

Cursos Regulares

Método eficaz, dinámico y divertido para manejar el idioma en el menor tiempo.


  • Cursos de inmersión.
  • Cursos para secretarias.
  • Cursos de lectocomprensión.
  • Spanish courses for english speaking foreigners.
  • Workshops.
  • Special training courses.


We are in the most favorable position to offer our services as a teachers training school.

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